01 avril 2017


The Outback: We are go in the outback ,it's the back country usually desert. It's giant but not very populated : a bit more 1 million inhabitants . The inhabitants live on the Australian coast ,It's is for this reason that few people live in the outback .Many means of transport are used for exemple, flying doctors take the plane to visit their patients and bring medicine. We can find a lot of animals as wild horses ,dromedaires ,dingos ,pigs ,cats ,foxes ,rabbits , parakeets ,cockatoo ,cockatiels ,kangaroos ,lizards ,snakes , ... ... [Lire la suite]
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01 avril 2017

The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles The Twelve Apostles are a colection of limestone stacked of the coast of The National Park by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. It has become popular site because they are close to each other. There are other 8 left . The 9 is collapsed since July 2005 . It is the most beautiful places we have ever seen in our life ! We have already been swimming next of the Twelve Apostles , it was great !
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01 avril 2017


ACDC it's a Australian-British group of hard rock .it was created in sydney in 1973 by the brothers Angus and malcom young. In the group there are : - Angus Young - Stevie Young - Brian Johnson - Chris Slade We have asked at the group, since when the group was created ?     -He was created since 1973   Have you ever played in Tacoma and when ?        - Yes wa have played in Tacoma in 2009   
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